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Why Would Anyone Move Without The Help Of A Furniture Dolly?

Have you ever tried moving without a furniture dolly? If you have not ever moved without a furniture dolly then please use this small text as a cautionary tale. First, a dolly is 4 wheels and some wood. You pickup/place furniture (or whatever you are looking to move around) on the furniture dolly, and then you can simply push it around. Higher quality furniture dollies will have wheels that pivot on a 360 axis, which makes it extremely easy to maneuver. Let me quickly tell you about my one move without moving tools. During this move I had never heard of a furniture dolly or appliance trucks. I did however hear about moving pads—although I didn’t have any. So, I had two friends come over early in the morning to help me move from a two-bedroom apartment. Between desks, tables, beds, dresses, and boxes it took us more than a day. We were so tired by the end of the first day that we had to take a break the next day to rest up. After the move was finished I was a person moving out of my new building. I saw a furniture dolly & hand trucks for the first time, and I immediately thought we could have made the move in one day with a furniture dolly.

Moving Pads Are Cheap And Easy To Store

If you know you won’t have room to keep appliance trucks in your home then you can get moving pads as a great back up. Moving pads are exactly what their name leads you to believe. They are great tools to help you move, but they are pads so they roll up small. Appliance trucks or a furniture dolly can be rather large, and do not store well. Moving pads are a great resource for moving homes, but also for simply rearranging furniture. You never know when you will need something heavy moved, and so if you could have a tool to help you do that, a tool that is small and inexpensive, then why wouldn’t you?

My Band Loves Appliance Trucks

A lot of times you see appliance trucks lifts and moving appliances, but some people also use them for furniture and home moving. Appliance trucks are great tools for moving rather heavy things long distances without killing yourself in the process. I am in a band, and when my band plays I have to bring a lot of equipment. To load/unload my car took almost an hour, and I was really beginning to get annoying. I talked with other musicians, and that is how I came to own multiple appliance trucks. I load up all my speakers for one trip, and then I come back for all the stands, and so on and so fourth. My appliance trucks & hand trucks have been one of the best purchases I made for my band, because it allows us to play out so much more. I wonder how beneficial appliance trucks could be for you.