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Appliance Trucks - Are You Ready for a 21st Century Furniture Dolly, Advanced Moving Pads

Those are good questions (above), and we think the answer to all three is a no-brainer: Yes! Who wouldn’t want the most up-to-date furniture dolly, moving pads, and appliance trucks that utilize state of the art technologies to make appliance moving faster and easier than ever? Not you; you have no use for outdated moving technology that makes a hard job harder. We’re speaking here, of course, about the pros in the moving industry, all of whom use a furniture dolly, moving pads, and appliance trucks every working day. Obviously, the same holds true for the weekend warrior who rents moving equipment for a do-it-yourself move across town or across the country. In fact, it’s these latter folks who will really appreciate the advanced design of a furniture dolly that seems to defy gravity as it moves heavy and bulky objects with unprecedented ease and maneuverability. And what about our exceptionally advanced moving pads that offer exceptional ‘scratch and dent’ protection, but only weigh a fraction of ‘your father’s’ ultra-heavy and bulky moving pads that are now part of the past? Who needs them? And when it comes to super-high-tech appliance trucks with convenience features that will please professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, our appliance trucks are among the most advanced on the market today.

Do We ‘Really’ Need a Better Mouse Trap? How about a Better Furniture Dolly, Better Moving Pads and Appliance Trucks?

If a mouse could talk, it would probably say that the standard mouse trap works just fine, but they wish folks would stop using them. No, we don’t need a better rodent killer, but we sure as heck need a furniture dolly that glides like a hot knife on butter, moving pads that won’t break your back under their weight, and appliance trucks that were designed to make moving ‘weigh a ton’ appliances a snap. Forget the mouse trap, it simply can’t be improved upon, but exciting new designs and materials sure made a huge difference in the advancement of today’s furniture dolly and moving pads, and when it comes to our appliance trucks, well, you simply have to use one to experience all that they offer.

Does a State of the Art Furniture Dolly Cost a King’s Ransom? What about the High-Tech/Low Weight hand trucks – Are They Affordable? Will ‘Today’s’ Advanced Appliance Trucks Bust Your Budget?

The answer to the above questions is: ‘No’. Yes, our exciting furniture dolly is innovatively designed and quality manufactured, but the cost is surprisingly low. High-tech materials used in our ‘feather light’ moving pads are exciting, but their cost is also exceptionally affordable. And no, while our appliance trucks offer much that is new, their cost is competitive with other, outdated appliance trucks & hand trucks you’ll never want to drive again. In short, our top of the line furniture dolly, moving pads, and appliance trucks will NOT break your back or your budget. Give us a call anytime!