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My Best Friend The Furniture Dolly

What is the point of having a furniture dolly? Well, that is a very interesting question with a few different answers. For someone who has never moved in his or her whole life then it might be difficult for you to truly understand how helpful of a tool a furniture dolly is. I personally have one, and I’ve used it to move homes, move furniture around, and even load my car with my heavy band equipment. This tool has been so invaluable to me, and I am glad I spent the money on it. Let me clarify. When I spent I spent money on this tool I do not mean that I spent a lot. You can get yourself a fully functional furniture dolly for under $100. They are small and not hard to store, and so why not get one? See what a furniture dolly can do to make your life just a little bit easier

I Won’t Move Without Moving Pads

I have tried moving without moving pads, and I have also tried moving with them. Can you guess which I prefer? If you can’t I’ll tell you: I like moving pads. I like moving pads because they make my back, legs, and arms not hurt as much after a long day of moving. This isn’t to say that I move everyday, or that I move for a living, but let’s just say I’ve moved more than once and I’ve helped more than just one friend. Now, when someone asks for my help one of my first questions is what tools do they have. Usually they look at me with a puzzled face, and say nothing until I prompt them further. I ask if they have a furniture dolly or some moving pads. I tell my friends and family now that if they want my help they need some tools to help us out. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried moving from a small home to another small home, but it is not fun or easy. You pick up a heavy couch, carry it, and then put it down. Then you go pick up something else heavy, carry it, and put it down. It would be really simple if that were the end of the process, but no it is not. So much lifting and carrying that no man or woman’s back, legs, and arms could handle it. You need these tools or moving becomes a nightmare. Get moving pads & hand trucks, and make your life easier.

Appliance Trucks Can Get Used For So Much More

Appliance trucks are usually seen hauling what their name says. When you get a new stove, oven, washing machine, etc… you get it delivered on an appliance truck. Just because the word appliance is in the name doesn’t mean that you cant put other things on it. I use an appliance truck when moving furniture. I used to have a furniture dolly for that, but it turns out I like my appliance trucks better. Make the decision for yourself, but make sure you know what is out there.