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One-Stop Shopping for Fully Equipped Appliance Trucks, a Great Furniture Dolly, Top Quality Moving Pads and More

Why would you be looking for a supplier of appliance trucks, a furniture dolly, moving pads, and all the other equipment used by professional movers? That's easy – you just bought the cutest little house about 20 miles outside of town – finally, the kids can play in a large yard and breathe fresh air. But now you have to move everything you own, and you don't know where to start. You don't have a ton of cash to hire professional movers because the down payment on the house really tapped you out. Why appliance trucks? Well, you have a chest freezer, a refrigerator, washer and dryer, etc., and appliance trucks have those electric lift gates that make moving such items easy. Now you need a furniture dolly and moving pads? 'Of course' you'll need a furniture dolly and moving pads. Like we said, you have to move everything you own. Try moving your grandma's solid oak dresser without a high quality hand trucks. Then, of course, you'll need soft and lightweight moving pads to protect that priceless heirloom grandma left you when she died. If you don't want to scratch up that oak dresser, great quality moving pads are essential.

We Have the Appliance Trucks, Furniture Dolly, and Moving Pads You Need – Short-Term Rental Appliance Trucks Make Moving Easy – the Industry's Best Furniture Dolly and Moving Pads Finish the Job

That's right, we'll fix you right up with a short-term, local or one-way rental on your choice of late model appliance trucks that make moving that chest freezer a snap (once you use our industry favorite furniture dolly to get it to the street). Ah, but don't just stick that gorgeous, stainless steel freezer into our appliance trucks before that freezer is fully protected by properly secured moving pads. Sure, you're going to save a bundle handling your move on your own, but don't destroy all your possessions in the process. Take your time, use a high quality furniture dolly that won't collapse and tumble your new sofa down the stairs. Take your time and be sure that everything is fully protected with our great quality and super-lightweight moving pads. If you're going to do the job yourself, please do it in a professional manner.

Our 'Full Gas Tank' Appliance Trucks Are Here and Waiting for You – Our Truly 'Amazing' Furniture Dolly has Your Name on it – We'll Even Help You Load Our Moving Pads into Your Rented Moving Van

In other words, when it comes to moving, we offer it all. Great appliance trucks, the industry's finest furniture dolly and lightweight yet effective moving pads. Think of all the money you'll save doing the job yourself (but don't forget to include a little ibuprofen in the budget)! Yes, we have the great hand trucks, furniture dolly, and moving pads that will make your move to the country a breeze. Call us today!