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'Hello' Beautiful Furniture 'Dolly' and Heaven Sent (Ultra-Lightweight) Moving Pads!

Pardon the 'Hello Dolly' pun, but we just couldn't resist. Why is that? That's easy enough – our outstanding and industry-leading furniture dolly is, by far, the easiest to use and has always received 'rave reviews'. And yes, when moving pads are super lightweight, they do seem to be 'heaven sent'. A lot of folks think one furniture, Walkboards is the same as the next, and they hold a similar opinion on moving pads. These individuals hold these wrong assumptions because they're not IN the moving business, and they don't know what a huge difference the 'right' furniture dolly and moving pads can make. Now take your do-it-yourselfer, 'weekend warrior' mover who's going to rent a truck and make that big move across town or across the country on their own. These individuals are really in for a pleasant surprise the first time they use our super-easy glide furniture dolly that seems to defy gravity. Yes, our furniture dolly seems to make the heaviest piece of furniture almost as light and easy to move as our hi-tech (ultra-lightweight) moving pads that are a pure joy to use.

Moving Pads that Protect 'Like Crazy' but Don't Weigh a Ton – a State of the Art Furniture Dolly that Will Make Even the Most Experienced Mover Smile

Nobody ever said moving was easy. In fact, moving a house or apartment full of furniture and countless boxes of 'stuff' is darned hard work. If you knew about a furniture dolly that made the job a 'whole lot' easier, would you be inclined to use it? Of course you'd jump at the chance to use the industry's most favored furniture dolly, and of course you'd choose our super-duper lightweight moving pads to protect your valuable possessions. You better believe moving is 'break a big sweat' hard work, but our fantastic furniture dolly and 21st century moving pads will greatly reduce your rate of perspiration.

A Super-Great Furniture Dolly from a Well-Respected Company You Can Trust – Moving Pads that Won't Break Your Back or Your Budget

We don't want to forget about the fact that our industry-favorite furniture dolly and feather light moving pads, Hand Trucks as well as all types of moving related products, are available at a super-fantastic low price that will spread a smile from ear to ear. It's great that somebody offers an incredibly effective and easy to use furniture dolly and equally impressive moving pads, but it's a super-bonus when you can get all that for the lowest price you'll pay anywhere. Whether you're a pro or a 'weekend hero' helping grandma move her stuff, you'll appreciate everything we have to offer to the moving industry. We're proud of our outstanding reputation as 'the' company to turn to for a great furniture dolly and superior quality moving pads and we want everyone to know it. When you lead any industry, let it be known far and wide. Give us a call today!