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Hello (furniture) Dolly! Do We Have a Great Furniture Dolly and Space Age Moving Pads for You!

'Hello Dolly' was a smash hit on Broadway, and you'll be just as excited about our state of the art 'furniture dolly' that will also make your heart sing and bring a smile to your face. One reason you'll be smiling is because of the lack of back pain you won't be suffering because our innovatively designed furniture dolly makes moving heavy objects as snap (beats snapping your spine). And what's this about 'space age' moving pads? Have moving pads joined the march of technology, and if so, how? That's easy enough, our 21st century moving pads do the work of old fashioned moving pads that weigh a proverbial 'ton', but new advances in materials technologies allow for today's moving pads to offer exceptional protection at a fraction of the weight of 'yesterday's' moving pads.

What Does All this Mean to You – the Professional Mover? How will Our Super Easy-Glide Furniture Dolly and 'Feather light' Moving Pads Make Your Day a Lot Easier?

First we'll talk about the 'professional' mover who uses a furniture dolly and moving pads all the workday long. Try moving a full sized sofa on a 'sticky wheels' and hard to maneuver furniture dolly, and then use our highly advanced furniture dolly as a comparison. The verdict is in: our furniture dolly wins 'hands down' every single time. Talk to a professional mover who has an eight foot high stack of moving pads, the combined weight of which would require a forklift to move them all at once. Well, furniture pads are 'supposed' to be thick (and heavy) to protect valuable furnishings from scratches and dents. Well, what if your furniture pads offered 'superior' scratch and dent protection', but those moving pads only weighed a fraction of the moving pads 'of old'. Just think of the gas savings alone when a moving truck weighs significantly less because hundreds of pounds of moving pads now weigh a whole lot less.

The Amateur Mover Will Appreciate Even More Our 'Anti-Gravity' Furniture Dolly and Easy to Handle Moving Pads – a Furniture Dolly and Moving Pads that will Make Your 'Weekend Warrior' Adventure Easy on Your Back

Our furniture dolly actually does seem to defy gravity as it moves heavy items with superior maneuverability and the 'greatest of ease'. Now you can save even more money on doctor visits and pain killers because that 'heavy sofa' almost seemed to move across the floor on its own. Yes, we're talking about the amateur mover here, a first-timer who rents a truck to move 'Aunt Bertha's' possessions across town or across the country. A 'weekend warrior' mover isn't used to the rigors of moving tons of items from Point A to Point B, and our super lightweight moving pads, unsurpassed quality furniture dolly, Hand Trucks, Walkboards, and all types of moving related equipment and supplies will make the job a whole lot easier. Give us a call anytime!