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Just Because You Are All Grown Up Doesn't Mean You Can't Play with Our Furniture Dolly

Please excuse our play on words, but we just couldn't resist. No, our super high quality furniture dolly is no 'Barbie Doll', but a lot of folks tell us it's more like play than work when our furniture dolly moves a heavy object as though it was as light as a feather. Well, that may describe our high-tech materials moving pads (light as a feather), but it might be a bit of a stretch to say that our furniture dolly makes a heavy sofa nearly weightless. So, we went a little overboard on saying our furniture dolly defies gravity, but it's still fun to play with. And when we say that our moving pads are ultra-lightweight, well, there's no exaggeration there. New technologies in materials mean you can get the same great moving pads protection with moving pads that don't weigh a ton. But getting back to our innovatively designed and super ultra-easy to use furniture dolly, we really can't say enough about the advanced design and durability of a furniture dolly that will provide you with a lifetime of service.

Take Our Furniture Dolly for a Test Drive – You Won't Believe the Performance – Go Ahead and lift a 'Stack' of Our Moving Pads and Feel the Relief in Your Back

Yes, ultra-lightweight moving pads not only save your back from strain and pain, and when you have a truckload of them on the highway, all that weight reduction will also save you a few bucks on gas. The way gas prices are going, the less weight you have in the back of your moving van the better the chance your kids will be able to go to college. There we go exaggerating again, first about our 'gravity defying' furniture dolly, and now we're claiming that our moving pads will allow your kids to get a college degree. All this just to make a point, and that point is: our exceptional furniture dolly and unsurpassed quality moving pads truly are the best you can buy. Come on in and give our furniture dolly a spin around the showroom. We guarantee you you'll smile from ear to ear.

Can You Afford a 'Gravity Defying' Furniture Dolly? Are 21st Century Moving Pads Out of Your Financial Reach?

Yes and no, those are the answers to the questions above. Of course (yes) you can afford our ultra-low priced furniture dolly, and 'no', our top of the line moving pads are exceptionally affordable on any budget. How is this possible, you ask? How can you get the best Hand Trucks and moving pads on the market for a great low price? That's easy, we've figured out a lot of ways to keep our costs WAY down, which means that, yes, you really can afford the industry's best furniture dolly and moving pads. If you don't believe us, just ask around and you'll hear great things about our furniture dolly, moving pads, prices, and us. Call us today!