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How Would You Like to Take a 'Really Cool' Furniture Dolly for a 'Spin'?

What the heck? Are we nuts? Who takes a furniture dolly for a test drive? Well, we're just kind of being a little tongue in cheek here by suggesting that our one of a kind furniture dolly really is fun to push around. A sense of humor never hurt anyone, and if you're worried about hurting grandma's antique dresser when you move it, our ultra-lightweight but super protective moving pads will keep it looking just perfect – not a scratch or dent to give grandma a stroke. More humor, but you really do have to check out an innovatively designed and master manufactured furniture dolly that is unlike any other you've ever used. We all know how heavy an antique dresser or sofa can be, and when such an item is suitable covered with our lightweight moving pads, and then loaded onto our super-duper furniture dolly, well, you won't believe the way our furniture dolly glides across just about any surface with the greatest of ease. Hey! How did they do that? How did they make ultra-lightweight moving pads offer so much scratch and dent protection, and how did they make a furniture dolly that seems to defy gravity? How did they do that?

You Will, Quite Simply, Fall in Love with Our Highly Advanced Furniture Dolly – You Will Marvel at the Quality and Light Weight of Our Wildly Popular Moving Pads

You might think that it's hard to get excited about a furniture dolly or moving pads, but if you're in the moving business, our furniture dolly and moving pads will really cut down on your lower back pain and levels of perspiration. If you think about the price of Motrin, our furniture dolly and lightweight moving pads will pretty much pay for themselves over time. Well, that might be a slight bit of exaggeration, but our furniture dolly and moving pads really will contribute to a 'no sweat' moving job experience. If you're an amateur who is simply moving out of your college dorm or whatever, you'll still appreciate the ease of use our furniture dolly offers, and our lightweight moving pads will save you a Motrin or two as well.

Why Not Use the Best Furniture Dolly in the Industry? Why Not Save on Fuel with Our Ultra-Light Moving Pads?

Sure, if you have a huge moving van piled high with dozens (or hundreds) of 'heavier than lead' moving pads, and if you replace those hand trucks with our super lightweight moving pads, guess what? That van will weigh a whole lot less and will use less fuel. You'll also burn fewer calories (sorry about that) when you use our 'no sweat' furniture dolly, but you can always do an extra workout at the gym. Why NOT use the best furniture dolly and moving pads you can buy, especially when we make both products super affordable? Give us a call anytime!