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Tools For The Job: Furniture Dolly and Moving Pads

I am moving next week and I am rather excited. Instead of paying for expensive movies, I recruited a few friends. I was confident that between the four of us and two pickup trucks we could get the job done, but I was wondering if I could make the job easier. I went to the Internet and searched for moving tips, and I came across the words furniture dolly and moving pads. I lived in the same home for my entire life, including my time in college, so I knew nothing about moving. I looked into moving pads, and found that they were effective and rather inexpensive. I looked into what a furniture dolly is, and found that I would be able to use that as well. I brought up the topic to the group of friends who were helping me, and the recommended I get several moving pads and a single furniture dolly. I don't know how the moving would have went without the moving pads and furniture dolly, but what I do know is that the move was an easy. I left the furniture dolly and moving pads at my parent's house, knowing that I would use them again someday.

Furniture Dolly And Or Moving Pads?

Would you rather get a furniture dolly or moving pads? I am moving soon, and I only found one person to help me. It might be to tough of a job for just the two of us, so I was thinking about getting some tool to help assist us. I wanted to get moving pads, but my friend told me to reconsider and pick up a furniture dolly. He said that a furniture dolly gives us my return for the energy we put in. I did understand the physics behind his statement, but I didn't know if he was correct in his assessment that a furniture dolly would be better for us than moving pads. I thought it would be best to call a moving supply company and talk to them. In the end I did get several moving pads, and I'm stoked to try them out. I'm not looking forward to the move itself, but I know once it's all said and done, with the help of my buddy and moving pads, I'll be happy in my new place. I'll always think of what could have been, meaning what the move would be like with a furniture dolly.

We Need Help To Move: Hand Trucks and Moving Pads

I have both a furniture dolly and moving pads. I have used both of them several times, and intend to use them again. Moving pads are great for light stuff that is uncomfortable to carry. You put a few boxes on Hand Trucks, and you can push it anywhere. A furniture dolly is better for dressers and desks, or anything large. If you are going to move, and can't afford movers, than get a furniture dolly and some moving pads.