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We're the 'Right' Company for Your New Furniture Dolly and Moving Pads

So, you've decided to go into the moving business – either full time or just a 'weekend' sort of thing to make some extra money. Now, the first thing you'll need is a top quality furniture dolly and a healthy supply of premium quality moving pads. Not every furniture dolly is the same (any experienced mover will tell you that one furniture dolly will work much better than another). You will also hear that moving pads should be thick enough to protect items, but not so heavy as to make those moving pads something you will dread picking up. We have all of that and much more. You want a top quality furniture dolly that will be a joy to use? We have that furniture dolly. You want super lightweight yet highly protective moving pads? You guessed it, you'll find those moving pads right here. That was easy, you're planning a new business, and you've got your furniture dolly and moving pads all 'squared away'.

You'll be Amazed at the 'Ease of Operation' of Our Top Quality Furniture Dolly – You Will Smile when You Pick Up Our Ultra-Lightweight Moving Pads – Moving Pads that Protect Like No Others

If you're going to get into the moving business (on any level), you might as well do it right. This means choosing a furniture dolly that is designed with the 'professional mover' in mind. When you use our outstanding furniture dolly, heavy sofas, bureaus, chairs, and other bulky items are moved easily and maneuvered precisely where you want them to go. Not every furniture dolly works that way (just ask any pro who's been in the business for awhile). And with the price of gas these days, every pound saved on the weight of your moving pads can actually save you money at the pump. Yes, our moving pads offer great protection without the extra weight found in many other types of moving pads. Lightweight, durable, and highly effective moving pads are the only way to go.

Don't Buy Just 'Any' Furniture Dolly or Moving Pads – Talk to the Pros (Us) Before You Invest in any Furniture Dolly or Moving Pads

If you're new to the moving business, take some good advice from the pros. We've been in the moving industry for years, and we know a great furniture dolly from a 'not so great' furniture dolly – a tough to use furniture dolly that will send your blood pressure through the roof. Take our advice on moving pads, too. Moving pads don't have to weigh a 'ton' to protect valuable furnishings or other items. Our moving pads certainly don't weigh a 'ton', but they offer outstanding protection unlike any other moving pads on the market today. Congratulations on your decision to join the business, now talk to us about your new furniture dolly, moving pads, and everything else you'll need to get started. Call us right now!

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