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One-Stop-Shopping for Your New, Top Quality Furniture Dolly and Ultra-Durable Moving Pads

You just can't beat the convenience of finding your new furniture dolly and moving pads under one convenient roof. Well, congratulations because we have the top quality furniture dolly you need, and of course, we have lightweight yet super-durable furniture pads that protect like no others. Yes, when it comes to moving supplies and equipment of all types, we want to be your one-stop-shopping store. Whether you're a professional mover looking to upgrade your equipment or just moving the family across town, our high quality, easy to maneuver furniture dolly and soft moving pads are just what the moving 'doctor ordered'. If you 'are' a professional in the moving industry, you know the importance of a well designed and built furniture dolly that will offer you many years of dependable performance. A professional also wants moving pads that are lightweight, but offer maximum protection against scratches and scuffs. We've got you covered on both bases because our innovatively designed furniture dolly has been widely praised as the 'best furniture dolly ever', and our moving pads are the very best you can buy.

Our Super-Lightweight Moving Pads are the 'Talk of the Industry' – Our Ever Popular Furniture Dolly Makes Moving Heavy Objects Nearly Effortless

Our company was founded by people who have years of 'hands on' experience in the moving business, and we know how heavy 'yesterday's' moving pads could be. With new advances in materials technology, our moving pads offer you all the protection you need without all the extra weight. And when you have a mammoth sized moving van packed with dozens of moving pads, every pound saved means better gas mileage. Our furniture dolly is also amazingly light, but it's rugged and ultra-reliable performance moves furniture like a 'Mack truck'. 'Easy-glide' maneuverability in tight spaces makes our top of the line furniture dolly a real joy to use, and we can't wait for you to give it a 'test drive' to experience what we're talking about. A top flight furniture dolly and extra lightweight moving pads form the heart of any moving operation, and we have both waiting right here for you.

Does Our Furniture Dolly Cost a 'King's Ransom'? Are Our Highly Advanced Moving Pads Far Beyond Your 'Financial Reach'?

If our state of the art furniture dolly 'did' cost a 'king's ransom', we wouldn't sell many of them, now would we? As we said, we're moving pros ourselves, and nobody knows better than we do that your furniture dolly must be, above all things, truly affordable. The same holds true, of course, for our advanced moving pads – unparalleled quality without the high price tag. We know exactly what it is you need in a furniture dolly and moving pads, and we're waiting right here to provide it. Anybody who's heard our name knows it's synonymous with 'excellence' in moving equipment and accessories. Our super-easy glide furniture dolly and ultra-lightweight moving pads simply can't be beat. Give us a call today!