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You Need Moving Pads, Appliance Truck And A Furniture Dolly

I am currently getting ready to move to a new apartment for the 2nd time in my life. I moved out of my parents home a year ago, and I didn’t really leave with much. Over the year I got a desk, dresser, table, chair, bedframe, and more. I was moving out on my own, so it was only my stuff coming with me. The first time I moved was rather simple. I packed my parents mini van and made two trips back and forth from their house to my first apartment. I was doing any heavy lifting, and in fact I was the person helping myself move. Mostly I moved my clothes, a TV, and some books. I didn’t have any moving pads, and I had never heard of a furniture dolly & appliance trucks at this point in my life. When I though about my new move I thought about my first one as well. I didn’t think of logistics once, and all I thought about how easy it would be, and how much I would love my very own place. I had a few friends over a couple of days before moving out, and that is when I first started thinking about how the move would really go down. Two of my friends volunteered to help me out, and they even volunteered to bring moving pads and a furniture dolly. They explained to me what the two things were, and I was so glad I knew what they are now. I am moving tomorrow, and I think I am ready now. I rented a van to transport all the stuff, and I know exactly where I’m going to get pizza and beer (the pizza and beer is a thank you to my friends who help me move). With the help of my friends, moving pads, and a furniture dolly I think that the move will not be so bad.

An alternative To Moving Pads

If you don’t have the money or space for furniture dollies then why not get yourself something similar? Moving pads work just like a furniture dolly, but they are a lot cheaper because you do not have to pay for the wood or wheels. With moving pads, you simply place the item you are moving on top of the pad and push or pull. You will not scratch your floors by using moving pads this way. If you feel like just pushing your dresser across the floor then you will probably destroy your floors. If you life it you might destroy your back, so why not get moving pads?

Does Your Family Have furniture dollies & hand trucks

A furniture dolly is a great tool for moving homes, but at the same time it is great for simple rearranging furniture. Even if you are not in the process of moving you can still get a furniture dolly. There are many practical applications from moving, to rearranging and, even helping with certain lugging around the house. A furniture dolly is a great tool for the home.