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hand trucks - Getting Tools To Help You Move: Moving Pads & Furniture Dolly

Moving pads and a furniture dolly are things that are rather important when taking on the task of moving. Too many people under estimate the actual strength, time, and labor that goes into a move. Between clothing, bedframes, mattresses, dressers, there is a lot that needs to be move. The worst part of it all is that the things aren’t just moved once, but instead moved twice. You need to first bring things from one home to a van, and then you must take that van and drive it to your new home. Unfortunately then you must unload the van. Recently I just helped a friend move, and we did it without the help of any moving pads & hand trucks, and not even a furniture dolly. By the second hour we were pretty tired, because we had decided to move the biggest stuff first. We decided that we didn’t need anyone else, and that we alone could take care of the move. I underestimated the move, and I made plans for 6 pm—when I thought I would be finished. I didn’t get home until midnight. I was tired, sore, scratched, cut, and bruised. If we had one extra person it would have been that much easier, but at the same time if we had moving pads and a furniture dolly it would have been substantially easier. I did not know any better for the last move I did, but I know better now. The tools that I’m talking about are designed to make your move easier. If you don’t have any moving pads then you should get some, and the same goes for a furniture dolly.

Walkboards & Poly Strapping: Helping To Keep My Room In Style: Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly is rather inexpensive, so why don’t you have one? Do not just think that a furniture dolly is for when moving homes, because they really come in handy for rearranging furniture. I like to switch things up in my home, and usually I’ll move my bed to a new wall every 6 months to a year. When I move the bed I need to move everything else, and that is where a furniture dolly comes into play. I keep my furniture dolly in closet, and it is completely out of the way.

Appliance trucks: Why Do You Need furniture dollies?

Appliance trucks are different tools people can use to help make a move much simpler and less strenuous. Appliance trucks are not expensive, and by no means to they take up a lot of space. Yes, they are big than moving pads or a furniture dolly, but sometimes bigger are just better. Appliance trucks are designed for some of your heavier appliance that a furniture dolly might just not work for. You would use appliance trucks for a washer, dryer, oven, etc… Don’t be foolish and think that you can move without the help of tools. Get yourself appliance trucks & Hydraulic lift truck.