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When You Move Use A Furniture Dolly

I am moving next week from one apartment to another. It is actually in the same apartment, and it is even on the same floor. I am moving because the new apartment is bigger, has a balcony, and a better view. Isn’t that reason enough? I thought so. I need something to help me move the big stuff, because I have what people call a lack of upper body strength, and my friends pretty much can say the same thing. One of my bodies recommended a furniture dolly. He said with a furniture dolly we pretty much have to just pick up the item and place it on the furniture dolly. It is easy to wheel anything around when getting it up on the furniture dolly. I thought that sounded great, and I am trusting of my friend, so I’m going to a home good store later today to price out different items and find the perfect furniture dolly for me. I really am excited for the new place, but I am dreading the actual move. I really hope this furniture dolly helps us.

Moving Pads Can You Help You Move

I just found out what moving pads are, and let me tell you, they seem pretty efficient. I moved last month with the help of a few friends. We didn’t rely on tools like a furniture dolly, but maybe we should have. I was reading some moving Blogs after my move, to sort of compare the experience I had with other people. So many people recommended using moving pads. People would write things like, “I don’t know how I could have moved without my moving pads.” It really made me think that I screwed up. I moved successfully, and only my TVs shell got damaged a bit. I wonder now if my TV would look better if I had used some moving pads. I looked at the prices for moving pads, hand trucks, and found them to not be expensive. I know if I ever move again, which I’m sure I will, than you can bet I’m getting some moving pads to help the work.

Furniture dolly Vs. Moving Pads

What is better to help me move: a furniture dolly or some moving pads? I was asking myself that question a little bit ago. I couldn’t come up with an answer, so I went around asking friends and family. My dad was all about his furniture dolly. He said that he uses his furniture dolly around the house all the time. I spoke with my best friend and he swore by his moving pads. He told me that his move would have been impossible without several moving pads, hand trucks. I guess the next step is to go home and try out a furniture dolly. After that I’ll take a ride to my buddies house to play around with his moving pads. I hope that I will be able to make a decision after this test.