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A Furniture Dolly Could Have Made Moving Easier

Moving day can be scary for many people. You have so much to worry about on those days. Is all my stuff packed? Is everything ready at my new place? One thing people worry about, and it’s something that can be avoided, is the actual moving of items. It is expensive to rent movers, and my friends aren’t very strong. We needed a tool. I didn’t know about a furniture dolly until it was too late. I know now that my move would have been easier if I had picked up a furniture dolly. I learned about a furniture dolly through one of the friends who helped me move. He asked, “Why aren’t we using a furniture dolly?” and I replied “A furniture what?” He told me what a furniture dolly is, and also told me he owns one. I still wonder why he didn’t bring it, or at least mention the fact he owns a furniture dolly. I know that next time I move I’ll have a furniture dolly, and if my friend can’t provide one then I’ll buy it. I’m sure that whatever a furniture dolly will be worth it.

Moving Pads Are My New Friend

Moving pads are great tools to help you move. If you are moving, and do not hire help, that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. There are different forms of help, and moving pads are outlets you should check out. I am speaking from experience, because I just moved with the help of moving pads. I had a few friends over, and everyone got their own moving pads & Hand Trucks. All you need to do with moving pads it put the object on the pad and push. With a little effort it slides across the floor. Lifting certain things ranges from impossible to extremely difficult. To make those jobs doable you should use moving pads. Moving pads are relatively inexpensive, so you will not pay an arm and a leg. The money spent on moving pads will ensure you don’t pull out your back or drop something really heavy.

Furniture Dolly And Moving Pads To The Rescue

You can spend you money on movers, or you can take most of that money and put in the bank. Maybe with the money I’ll buy myself a new TV for my new place. Why not buy a furniture dolly and some moving pads, and do the job yourself? That is how I felt, and currently still how I feel. I got price quote for movers and they wanted an arm and a leg. I looked into a furniture dolly, hand trucks and some moving pads, and it was much cheaper. I offered a few friends pizza and beer to help me and they agreed. They were happy I got a furniture dolly and moving pads, because it made us strain less and really helped to speed along the process. I would recommend getting a furniture dolly and moving pads rather than hiring a mover.