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A Furniture Dolly Can Be Your Best Friend

I moved a month ago, and I did this move without movers. I did this move with a few friends, and a pick up truck. I used a pizza and beer to get my friends to help, but I didn’t do anything to help us help ourselves. Every piece of furniture was lifted and carried by hand. We thought we would be able to take care of the move in one afternoon, but we learned different. I should have gotten a furniture dolly to help the move. A furniture dolly could have helped us to finish our work. All you have to do with a furniture dolly is lift up an item and place it on top the dolly. Once the item is on the furniture dolly you can wheel it where every you want it. You can do it with relative ease as well. I am writing this after the fact, but I also did a search for furniture dolly too. What I found was that a furniture dolly isn’t very expensive at all. I could have bought two, and moving would have been so much better. Next time I move without movers I’ll make sure I have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Do You Know What Moving Pads Can Help You With?

Moving pads can be a great tool to help you move. Moving pads can make a day long move take only half. This is what I recommend: bribe a few friends with some free lunch and drinks, rent a U-Haul, set aside some time, and most importantly get yourself multiple moving pads. Each one of these steps is rather important, and if you skip one than you might not be able to get all your stuff moved in one shot. I helped a friend a move once. He didn’t have any moving pads, and so everything was lifted and carried. I wish I could have just pushed desks and tables across the floor, but I know that it would destroy the hardwood. After the long move I decided to do research. I wanted to find out if we could have made our lives easier, and the answer is yes. I found out about moving pads, and I wish I could have went back in time to make my friends move easier. With a moving pad all you need to do is put a heavy object on top of it and push. There will be no damage to floors, and you won’t ware yourself out to quickly lift and carrying everything.

Get Moving Pads And A Hand Trucks

Are you moving soon? Go do yourself and anyone whose helping you a big favor. Go and pick up a furniture dolly and a bunch of moving pads & Hand Trucks. If you do that you will be spending some money, but it will still be drastically cheaper than hiring movers. With a furniture dolly and moving pads you will quickly and easily move. If you don’t believe me than you should try it, because once you do you’ll have a completely different vision of what it takes to move.