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Don’t Forget Your Furniture Dolly

When was the last time you tried to move without a furniture dolly? I have moved once, and I won’t move that way again. Let me take you back to the beginning of my story. I used to live in a studio apartment, and I didn’t think I owned much stuff. I felt that when I moved that I could do it with just one friend and my truck. What I found out was that I’m not as strong as I thought, and that I have a lot more to move then I originally thought. I didn’t buy any tools to help the move, and for some reason I though two people would be enough. Between the bed frame, mattress, and desk my friend and I were already tired, and we still had half the apartment to do. If I had bought a furniture dolly & Warehouse Products then it is possible that I could have finished the job with just the one friend. I didn’t think a simple piece of machinery could help so much. When I move next time, which I know will come, I will make sure to have a furniture dolly ready to help with the move.

Moving Pads Are A Great Tool

Someone who doesn’t want to use a dolly can simply use moving pads instead. For those of you who do not know let me quickly fill you in: a moving pad is a tool that can help moving and rearranging furniture rather simple and effortless. A moving pad works just like it’s name intends, and so you simply put you item on top and push. With a moving pad you do not have to carry something, and you don’t have to worry about scratching floors when pushing it on the floor. Moving pads were designed to help the mover get an item from one place to another while only using minimal effort. Even if you own a furniture dolly you will want to strongly consider purchasing a few moving pads & Poly Strapping as well. Moving pads are inexpensive, and take up practically no room when storing them. If you know you have to move then make it as simple as possible. Don’t get stuck lifting things when you can just push them on your moving pads.

Hand Trucks & Hydraulic Lift Truck - A Truck Strap Is Essential For Moving

Walkboards - Do not move yourself without a truck strap, because if you do you could lose all your stuff. The odds of something happening to shake lose your items when moving them is not great, but the fact that there is risk should make you cautious. So moves are more difficult then others, and people will use a truck strap in order to make the job and items secure. If you do not know about a truck strap, then you need to read up on them. If you already know, but don’t own one then it is time to rectify that. Don’t take risks when moving your stuff, and just simply get a truck strap.