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Furniture Dolly: Don’t Move Without One

If you think you can move without a furniture dolly then you’ve probably never moved before. You may live in a small apartment, and think you don’t have much, but once you try to lift every little thing and move it outside you’ll realize how much work goes into moving. If so much work goes into moving then why don’t all people use tools to help make the job easier? The first time I move I got two friends, and I thanked them with pizza and beer. I had no furniture dolly, thinking that our raw strength would be enough. We moved the mattress and bed frame pretty easy, but everything after becomes just a bit harder. As the day went on we got more tired and week. We almost got to the point of calling it quits for the day, but we were able to fit it all in. Even with a furniture dolly the move wouldn’t have been easy, but at least with the dolly the work would have been easier. I’m getting myself tools for the next time I move.

Moving Pads Are A Great Help

Having moving pads isn’t vital to a move, but it is something you should probably have. Imagine this scenario: would you rather pick up a dresser and carry it across a room, or would you rather pick up a dress, put it on moving pads, and simply push it across the floor? Neither of the two things sounds easy, but one sounds like it takes a lot less strength and force. Moving takes a lot of energy out of someone, so if there are tools to help you conserve that energy then it seems you should have some. Moving pads are in expensive, easy to store, and are really sturdy. If you have not moved yet, and are planning, then I highly recommend you picking up some moving pads. If you have tried to move without moving pads then you know that there was something missing on your last move.

Appliance Trucks - If I Had To Choose: A Furniture Dolly Or Moving Pad

If you had a choice to use a furniture dolly, hand trucks or moving pads for a big move then what would you choose? I personally would pick both, and I would do so, because moving takes all the help you can get—and if there are inexpensive tools on the market to help you reach your goals then why not have both? I have a furniture dolly and I also have several moving pads. I bought them when I was moving homes, but I’m glad I have them for everyday use. I rearrange furniture a lot, and with the furniture dolly and moving pads & Warehouse products I would not be able to do it. If you know you are moving then you should pick up both tools. Even if you are not moving you should consider picking up these items, because you never know when you might want to move your bedframe across the room.